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Texas team

A short English lesson on Regional youth retreat. A couple of Texas quotes.-)
"Camp was amazing!! It was awesome to be able to be in an environment where you could feel God's presence. It was also fun being able to play and build relationships with all the people that were there!"

"Watching God move in another country was amazing. Having the youth seek God together while engaging them in activities is an awesome way to help teach how to spread the gospel."
"Camp was an amazing experience. To see other students from the other side of the world, seeking God, makes it so real to me. I got to really realize that we are one body of Christ."
We were very privileged and thankful that we were able to spend time with some incredible leaders and youth in Czech. We all had a blast! Thank you so much for allowing us to come and we will continue to pray for the people of Czech Republic!

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Petr Rattay

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